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The inspector appointed to oversee the inquiry into part of the Joint Core Strategy for Broadland, Norwich and South Norfolk is considering further evidence in support of proposals for future development in northern Norwich.

David Vickery was appointed by the Planning Inspectorate to conduct an examination into parts of the JCS after elements of the document were challenged in the High Court.

The legal challenge was fought on the grounds that reasonable alternatives to proposed development in the north east of Norwich had not been properly considered, specifically relating to its sustainability appraisal.

A High Court judge agreed parts of the JCS should be reviewed and that a revised sustainability appraisal for the North East Growth Triangle, including Rackheath, should be prepared.

In February this year, the local councils which together form the Greater Norwich Development Partnership submitted revised plans to the Secretary of State, for independent examination.

Mr. Vickery subsequently asked the GNDP to provide more evidence to support its plans for house building in northern Norwich.

That evidence has been supplied and is now being considered by the Inspector after which there will be a further consulation ahead of the likely adoption in spring 2014.


Welcome to the Rackheath Eco-Community website, designed to tell you everything you need to know about the proposed pioneering new development for the village of Rackheath near Norwich in Norfolk.

Eco-Communities were encouraged in response to the increasing need to respond to the challenge of climate change. After lengthy consideration the previous government gave the go-ahead to four proposed Eco-towns in the UK, including Rackheath which was previously awarded Grade A status in terms of its sustainability as an Eco-Community - the only site to attract top rating.

The demand for environmentally-friendly residential schemes which encourage and demonstrate a commitment to sustainable living is greater than ever. The global population is rising rapidly and we are consuming more natural resources every year than the planet can replenish.

Eco-Communities such as Rackheath will be low carbon developments, aspiring to achieve the highest environmental standards and acting as best practice examples for future design and construction. They will feature:
  • Renewable on-site energy production
  • User-friendly public transport systems, encouraging people to use cycles and walkways
  • Efficient recycling and waste management
  • High quality amenities, including shops, schools and sports facilities
  • A network of green open spaces, parks and gardens
 Barratt Homes Eco Community
From the outset, the developers and authorities have been keen to incorporate the views and opinions of all interested parties.

A series of public consultations and presentations have been staged in and around Rackheath and the wider Norwich area.


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